Clad Rack Warehouses

Clad Racking Warehouse is the world’s first fully-integrated storage and handling system for palletized, bulk, and loose goods. With a modular design, clad rack warehouses can be customized to house any type of product. This gives you the benefit of perfect inventory management by working on a single level, meeting all your storage needs.

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Clad Rack Warehouses

Clad Rack Warehouses (CRWs) is a unique type of commercial building that has racking rather than walls as its main feature. They’re essentially warehouses without walls, and they feature a utilitarian design that maximizes space. Clad rack warehouses can be made up of any type of storage system – and it’s the racking that forms part of the building structure.

With our racking warehouse design, you can store your goods in a highly efficient manner. This means that not only are your goods secured and safe, but they will also take up less space. Many people find this type of storage to be more cost-effective as well.

Proper storage for all your items is essential in running a successful business. Clad Rack Warehouses offer a variety of storage choices, including steel and aluminum racking, so you can find the perfect system to match your needs. If you are looking for a reliable and dependable storage solution, contact us today!

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